Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pope Cancels University Speech

Whoa! Those physicists and students at Rome's La Sapienza University can kick some ass!


The Pope canceled a planned speech at La Sapienza University after an emeritus physics professor protested to highlight the current pope's attempt to "... subordinate science and reason to faith".

I'm more impressed that they can get that organized and get such large number of support. I'm guessing there was already a built-in opposition to the Pope and the Catholic Church, and this was simply an opportunity for the more radical student body to participate in.

We don't get to see that many physicists or physics students self-organizing like this to actually be effective. The last one I can recall was when a number of students in Nepal protested to be able to study physics in their university. That one also got a wide coverage over the world and resulted in more accessible physics education for them.

Now, if only high energy physicists and nuclear physicists can get organized to protest this Omnibus bill.... hey, that's what the letter-writing campaign is for!


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