Thursday, January 31, 2008

UK Postgraduate Students Snub Science

Things are not looking too well in the UK. While the number of Ph.D's being awarded has increased, the percentage getting Physics and Engineering Ph.Ds have not.

Physics, chemistry, engineering and technology subjects have not benefited from the overall growth in doctoral degrees, but the report found soaring numbers of postgraduates taking psychology, biology and sports science.

The number of doctorates awarded psychology doctorates has grown 342%, biology 54.4% and sport science by 76.5% since it started being counted separately in 2002.

The number of postgraduates in engineering and technology rose 2.4% and in chemistry by 2.9% over the same period, while physics postgraduates fell by 3.1%.

It looks like the UK has to dig themselves out of a deeper hole than originally thought. This recent budget cuts can't possibly help and could scare away even more potential postgraduate students.


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