Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Prof Shows Students That Physics Can Be Fun

Of course it can!

This college professor goes around to several high schools to show how physics can be fun and educational at the same time.

Parents of Franklin County students got to see just how “cool and fun” physics can be when Doncheski presented his program during Science Night on Thursday in Hooverville Elementary School.

Good for him. As I've said before, I admire people who go out of their way to make physics beyond just something you learn off the pages of a book. There are many teachers and educators who make the extra effort to raise interest in the subject matter.

One interesting thing that I found in this news article was this:

Doncheski, who earned a bachelor's degree in physics and doctoral degree in theoretical particle physics, both from Penn State, did post-doctoral research at the University of Wisconsin in Madison for three years and Carleton University in Ottowa, Ontario, Canada, for three more.

He remembers a faculty member at Wisconsin who did a (physics) program during recruitment weekend. “He did three shows a day, Saturday and Sunday, to a packed house.”

The professor's show was very elaborate, Doncheski said.

“He wore a tuxedo and had much fancier props than I do.”

I think he may be referring to Prof. Clint Sprott at UW and his "Wonders of Physics" show. I have mentioned about this earlier. This terrific physics demo show has gotten elaborate and more popular over the years. If it makes it to your neck of the woods, I strongly suggest you don't miss it.


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