Friday, February 17, 2023

Blackholes The Source Of Dark Energy?

Can blackholes at the center of galaxies be the source of the dark energy that we have been detecting?

That seems to be the conclusion based on two recently published papers [1,2]. Both of these are open access papers, so the full papers are available to everyone.

You may read an explanation and review of the papers at the AAS news website. The implication here is that if this is true, then dark energy is not something exotic or new since it can already be explained with General Relativity.

Now, if only we can find those pesky dark matter.... if they exist.


[1] D. Farrah et al., Astrophy. J. Lett., v.944, p.L31 (2023).

[2] D. Farrah et al., Astrophy. J., v.943, p.133 (2023).

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

ChatGPT Does Physics

I'm guessing that most of you who are reading this have heard of ChatGPT or maybe have even tried it. I have. I had to, because I need to know what it can and cannot do in case my students are also using it. I am still playing with it and trying several different things, so I will have a lot more to say about it.

Still, when I came across this video on YouTube, I had to post it here, because it seems that we have similar general observations (not including the writing the Python code for the infinite square well problem - I've never asked ChatGPT to write a code).

It is true that ChatGPT still can't handle graphs and figures as of now. While this may be a way out for instructors to prevent students from using ChatGPT effectively, the extensive use of figures and graphs is also a hindrance to students with certain disabilities. In many cases, I have tried to make my exams and questions to be more "friendly" toward such students, especially in the spirit of making all my material accessible and moving toward conforming to the idea of Universal Design in Learning (UDL).

Of course, if my questions, including the figures, can be deciphered by text or document readers, then it should, in principle, be capable to be fully understood by ChatGPT, which then removes that barrier of using it to solve those problems. Sigh....

Like I said, there's more to come about this.