Saturday, January 19, 2008

Science And Engineering Indicators 2008

If there's anything that gives the most accurate measure of the state of science and engineering in the US (and even a large part of the world), it is the Science and Engineering Indicators (SAEI). It is published by the National Science Board under the US National Science Foundation.

I have previously put the SAEI 2006 in the links section of this blog. It is great news that the latest version of this research for 2008 has been released. So check out the voluminous SAEI 2008. The best that can be said about the state of science in the US: stagnant, while China especially is accelerating at unbelievable pace.

Pay attention also, as in SAEI 2006, on the public perception and understanding of science and technology. Has it changed? Is it more discouraging that more than half of the people simply do not see anything wrong with the teaching of creationism/ID along side evolution?

You will need several days to read the whole thing.


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