Saturday, January 26, 2008

More and More Bastardization of Physics

It never ends, does it?

Here's a place where you'll never guess that quantum mechanics can play a direct role - human intimacy!

Unlike traditional therapists, whose work is founded upon centuries old theories of a static, non participatory universe, Schwartz's pioneering and provocative approach to relationships and transformation is based on the emerging sciences and a new world view he calls "Emergent Thinking." His work - informed by quantum physics and chaos theory - says the world, and our relationships, are in a state of constant change, with everything and everyone interacting and intertwining with everything and everyone else.

Oy vey!

Of course, quantum entanglement is bastardized by almost everyone and their grandmothers. Somehow, the fact that quantum entanglement is such a difficult phenomenon to observe and maintain is something that is often neglected. When you blow your nose, did you just cause someone to sneeeze in Africa? Really now!

I often wish that these people who want to make use of QM principle really go see a physics lab that tries to study these things and observe just to what extent we have to set things up just to be able to detect them. These people are clueless! All they see are what they read off the pages of some pop-science articles and think that it is that obvious and simple.


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