Sunday, January 20, 2008

Classes Educate, Shock

This is another news report on another teacher that tries to make a difference - to do something different and imaginative to keep students interested (or at least, awake) during physics lessons. This time, he tried to be shocking:

"Ooh hoo, yes, good day!" Morse shouted yesterday as a spark leapt to his hand from a primitive battery during a duplication of 18th-century electric experiments at the Johns Hopkins University. "This is just the right size of shock to give a student."

I've already mention that I strongly admire physics teachers that try to do something different and unusual to keep the students interest in the subject matter. The fact that the system doesn't care if they do this or not. All they need to be is "adequate". Yet, some of these teachers come up with a range of imaginative ideas and things to do to stimulate interest in physics. I consider these people as some of the most valuable resources we have, and I will continue to highlight them whenever I come across news items on them.


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