Friday, January 18, 2008

Presidential Race Needs Science Debate

I am so glad that the popular media are now slowly (very slowly) picking up on this). This news report is endorsing a science debate that is being advocated by ScienceDebate2008 among the candidates for the next US Presidency.

The next president faces difficult, historic decisions in science and technology that will shape our country's future for decades to come.

That's why voters should support a bipartisan effort now gaining steam to hold a presidential science debate.

A grassroots group called Science Debate 2008 is pushing for a televised debate sometime after the Feb. 5 primaries to plumb the candidates' views on energy and the environment, technological and scientific innovation, and medicine.

I would add another topic of discussion there: "Should an elected official's religious views superseded established scientific understanding in decided public policies?"

That last one should ruffle a few feathers! :)


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