Monday, March 19, 2007

We Want To Study Physics

We all have heard how difficult it is to get students to want to study physics, especially in the West. High school teachers go through great lengths to get students interested in science, and while the enrollment in physics has seen a recent increase, it is still a subject area that many students shy away from, or have expressed very little interest.

Yet, in certain parts of the world, the ability to study physics is seriously hampered. The March 2007 issue of APS News highlighted the plight of students in Nepal who were unable to study physics due to the limited places available in the educational institution. In fact, it got so bad that they even organized a student protest to study physics! There were signs and protest chants saying "We Want To Study Physics!"

The full video of the student protest can be found here.

Sometime, you just have to shake your heads at the injustice of the world. You have one part of the world that takes for granted the freedom to study whatever they want, with all the facilities and encouragement one would ever needs, and another part of the world that have such desire to pursue such studies but are denied the access.


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