Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Threat To US Science - Your Immediate Actions Requested

If you are a US Citizen and concerned about the proposed 2011 budget and how it severely affects funding for science (especially physical sciences), your immediate action is kindly requested. The devastating cuts being proposed by the Republican budget will cause severe harm to research in the physical sciences, especially those that are being done at all US National Laboratories.

For more information on the breakdown of the proposed budget, please go to the APS webpage. It will include ways that you can contact your representatives to make your voice heard on this matter.

Thank you.



Kyle said...

Thanks for the link. I did not know that the APS was such a good resource for writing letters to Representatives about science issues.

Douglas Natelson said...

Already sent in my letter. My representative must feel conflicted. On the one hand, he is a science fan in a serious way. On the other hand, he is about as lock-step with the Republican leadership as anyone could possibly be, and I've seen little evidence that they really believe in federal support of science and engineering research.