Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Pumps Remain Alive At Homestake Mine

NSF and DOE have come to some agreement with regards to keeping the pumps running at Homestake Mine, the proposed site for DUSEL.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Department of Energy (DOE) have agreed to pay for pumping water out of the Homestake Mine near Lead so that it does not flood. That accord should preserve the site while the two agencies wrangle over how to transfer primary responsibility for the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL) from NSF to DOE. The real question is which, if any, part of the original $875 million multifaceted design will survive.

That is certainly the question on the future of DUSEL, especially now considering the enormous cuts being proposed to DOE's Office of Science budget. So having the DOE taking over the funding and running of this lab now could not happen at a worse time.


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