Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mad Scientists Recommend WHAT???!!!!

I belong to that insanely-addictive Groupon deals (and have had many amazing dining experience at half of the price). So yes, I look at the deals that are sent to me each day.

But this one kinda made my jaw dropped. It is a Groupon deal for a Japanese/Sushi restaurant near here called Maki Sushi & Noodle Shop in Park Ridge, IL. The Groupon notice starts off with this statement:

Though mad scientists recommend sticking chopsticks into electric sockets, rational scientists know the utensils are better used for sushi consumption.

What the hey.... ?

So, any knows where they would get this claim that "mad scientists" would "recommend sticking chipsticks into electric sockets"?

First of all, it makes no sense because most chopsticks (in fact, the majority, I would think) are made of wood, bamboo, ivory, plastic, etc. They are all insulators. So why would anyone want to stick a chipstick into electric sockets other than to ruin the socket? Besides, why is this "fun" to do, or even would create something that would satisfy someone's curiosity. Presumably, "mad scientists" only do things that would be fun, do something out of curiosity, and even something that could result in some sparks/explosion. Sticking a chopstick in an electric socket is .... er ... boring!

Man, I need to go out and get a life. I'm picking apart a mindless advertisement from Groupon!



1 comment:

Unknown said...

Maybe the mad scientist didn't enjoy his meal. Went crazy and decided to jam his chopstick into the socket.
Then he pretends he gets shocked and he sues the restaurant. OR his trying to impress a girl. :)