Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Solar Eclipse Occured - No Natural Disaster Happened

So where was the "... snuffing out its life-giving light and causing food to become inedible and water undrinkable..." part during the solar eclipse yesterday? I had a bag of popcorn and settled in in front of the TV ready to watch CNN for any sign of such calamity.

So is someone going to go after these quacks and point out to them how awfully wrong those things are?



Einstein's Brain said...

I watched the eclipse in Seoul. It was nearly covered. It was fun. Yes, nothing happened. I later went to a Renoir exhibit.

Anonymous said...

i think the disasters are just delayed.just look at what happened to Samoa, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines

ZapperZ said...

And that's why there are people like you who continue to believe in these pseudoscience and crackpottery. You deserve to get swindle by them, because you give them WAY too much leeway. I've even predicted that the next disaster that happened, no matter how much LATER after the eclipse, there WILL be some poor souls who would claim that this is due to the eclipse!

You are allowing charlatans to make some of the most VAGUE predictions ("I predict that you'll have death in your family"), and when something happens later that somehow matches, you claim that such predictions to be valid.

You deserve to be taken in by such people. It's too bad that natural selection cannot eliminate such people. I've always argued that this is the reason why the gene pool needs some chlorine.