Friday, July 24, 2009

Fermilab Stars in New Documentary

Fermilab is getting to be quite a movie star lately. This report from Symmetry indicated that it has starred in another documentary titled "The Matter of Everything".

The Matter of Everything is a feature documentary that explores quantum reality and the interconnectedness of nature from the quantum to the universe. Challenging us to see beyond our everyday sense of experience, the film reveals what we are, a billionth of a billionth of the human scale. At that level, physicists at Fermilab, one of the world’s largest particle accelerators, describe a world more unified than ever imagined.

Sounds like this is certainly more legit than that silly "What the **#()$ Do We Know?" crackpot movie. I might try to get my hands on this and see for myself.

But don't miss the last part of the Symmetry article that will give you a "scale of things" information.

Since 1985, Fermilab has produced more than nine nanograms (billionth of a gram) of antiprotons, more than any other laboratory. But even this amount is about 100 million times less than the amount that thieves steal from CERN in the Angels & Demons movie.

Movie physics, anyone?



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