Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bill Gates And The World of Physics Lessons

A bit more of a follow-up from yesterday's post about Bill Gates putting up a series of Feynman lectures online. CNET has an interview with Gates on the reasons for his project to put various science educational material online.

After that, I got them put onto videotape, and I got rights to make a small number of videotapes. It was VHS tape at the time, and send it around to some friends who might be interested. But I always had in the back of my mind that it was kind of a crime that there wasn't broad availability of those things, particularly for young people thinking about science.

And so I sort of had this project in mind, and (have been) making some progress in understanding who had the rights, and eventually doing deals for the rights, and then getting these things scanned, and then getting Microsoft Research agreed to host the stuff and create some innovative software around it, which Curtis (Wong) has run. It's taken a long time, but with lots of PCs and the Internet, and my willingness to spend some money, now these things are just going to be out there.

Thanks, Bill!


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Gi0rgi0ne said...

Unfortunately these lectures are not available to Linux-users. The Moonlight-extension for Firefox is not of any help. So we will then have to find these lectures somewhere else in the web ... :-(