Friday, June 19, 2009

Students Went Into Zero-G To Do Experiment

Well, this sounds like a lot of fun.

A number of students from New Jersey went into the "Weightless Wonder", a NASA plane that can make zero-g dives, to do their experiment on plasma dust clouds.

In 2008, the first Team DPX -- comprised only of students -- boarded a DC-9. This year, NASA invited Zwicker, who was one of the mentors for both DPX teams, to join the students. The 2009 team -- including several additional students -- took aboard a second dusty plasma experiment, as well as upgraded equipment and additional cameras.

That's almost as an exotic of a "location" to do one's experiment as going to the Antarctica. Still, I wish the news report tells us a little bit more of the nature of the experiment and what exactly is being observed.


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