Friday, June 19, 2009

Quantum Entanglement

This is a monstrous review article on quantum entanglement[1]. It is 78 pages long!

Abstract: From the point of view of quantum information science, entanglement is a resource that can be used to perform tasks that are impossible in a classical world. In a certain sense, the more entanglement we have, the better we can perform those tasks. Thus, one of the main goals in this field has been to identify under which conditions two or more systems are entangled, and how entangled they are. This paper reviews the main criteria to detect entanglement as well as entanglement measures and also discusses the role of entanglement in quantum communication and cryptography.

Even if you can't read the whole thing (who can?), at the very least, the wealth of references is more than ample reason to keep a copy of this thing.


[1] Horodecki et al., Rev. Mod. Phys. v.81, p865 (2009); the ArXiv version can be found here.


Arjen Dijksman said...

Great reference. It seems that the whole family Horodecki is specialized in quantum entanglement and its applications. They don't detail much of its experimental aspects though.

Fernanda said...

Yes, it is big indeed.. But the thing that I don't like thaaaat much in this article is that it is not self contained, they mention many many things and don't really explain, but put lots of references. I don't know, but I am very easily distracted with references.. heheh

Here is a link to a reference I really like on entanglement, Q.I, Q.C. etc. It is Preskill lectures notes: