Sunday, June 07, 2009

Accelerators and Beams - Tools For Discovery and Innovation

Anyone who has read this blog for any considerable period of time would have read several of my entries on trying to destroy the myth that "particle accelerator" only means "particle collider". This is of course patently false. People who majored in accelerators physics are not even high energy physicists. In fact, many are engineers. Still, when people hear the name "particle accelerators", they immediately associate that with particle physics.

The American Physical Society (APS) and the Division of Particle and Beams within the APS, has produced this wonderful brochure that ANYONE can read and educate him/herself on what an accelerator is, and how it is more than just something used in high energy physics particle collider. In fact, the MAJORITY of the application and use of particle accelerators are NOT for high energy physics.

This is a good brochure to read and maybe print.


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Boaz said...

Nice post ZZ. I've been enjoying reading your blog. I got into accelerator physics from the theoretical end- interested in working in "applied classical mechanics", and have been involved with working on synchrotron light sources. I don't see a lot of other blogs out there writing about the accelerators themselves, or about beam dynamics. My own blog is sort of a mix of personal stuff about my journey through this field with occasional technical stuff on beam dynamics. I'd like to put more technical beam dynamics work out there on the internet, and would be interested in other bloggers doing this as well.

Thanks for an interesting blog!