Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Two Quantum Properties Teleported Simultaneously

People all over the net are going ga-ga over the report on the imaging of the wave-particle behavior of light at the same time. I, on the other hand, am more fascinated by the report that two different quantum properties have been teleported simultaneously for the very first time.

The values of two inherent properties of one photon – its spin and its orbital angular momentum – have been transferred via quantum teleportation onto another photon for the first time by physicists in China. Previous experiments have managed to teleport a single property, but scaling that up to two properties proved to be a difficult task, which has only now been achieved. The team's work is a crucial step forward in improving our understanding of the fundamentals of quantum mechanics and the result could also play an important role in the development of quantum communications and quantum computers. 

 See if you can view the actual Nature paper here. I'm not sure how long the free access will last.


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Hamish said...

Free access should be permanent. Nature has a new policy of giving free access to papers linked to in Physics World and some other websites.