Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Physics of Crashes

This type of class is an excellent opportunity to teach students physics and traffic safety at the same time.

Teacher Sheryl Cordivari said teaching students about Newton’s laws, inertia and the science behind how seat belts and airbags save lives helps prepare them for problem solving in real life.
“I go over the equations in class … I think this helps show them that what I’m teaching them is not just to make their lives difficult and drive them crazy, but to show them this is real and has a real-life applications,” she said.
Although high speeds can be a factor in many accidents, even crashes at 40 mph are extremely dangerous.

“Driving at 40 miles per hour, does it feel dangerous?” he asked the students. “But would you jump off a five-story building?”
The speeds at impact are similar, he said.
There are a lot of things here that the students can relate to, and that is the best way to teach new things if you want them to sink in. In fact, I know of many adults who could stand to have such lessons as well.


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