Monday, November 12, 2012

More Results NOT In Favor Of SUSY

I will admit that I am not sure of significant this or how big of a "setback" it is for SUSY. But this theory is in need of some hint of an experimental rescue, and it didn't get it from this latest result.

If superparticles were to exist the decay would happen far more often. This test is one of the "golden" tests for supersymmetry and it is one that on the face of it this hugely popular theory among physicists has failed.

Prof Val Gibson, leader of the Cambridge LHCb team, said that the new result was "putting our supersymmetry theory colleagues in a spin".

The results are in fact completely in line with what one would expect from the Standard Model. There is already concern that the LHCb's sister detectors might have expected to have detected superparticles by now, yet none have been found so far.
 This certainly does not rule out SUSY, but it is getting to the same level as cold fusion if positive experimental result does not come soon.


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