Thursday, November 15, 2012

Just The Higgs And Nothing Beyond

The Kyoto conference going on now gets to see more results out of the ATLASand CMS detector at the LHC. So far, they are confirming the data of the apparent Higgs from last year, but nothing much beyond that.

Alas, most of the Higgs results being presented this week at the Hadron Collider Physics symposium in Kyoto, Japan, have been well within our standard understanding. Physicists at ATLAS and CMS, the two largest particle detectors at the LHC, have about double the amount of data they did in July; this new data hasn’t dramatically changed the tentative conclusion that the LHC is seeing a plain-old Standard Model Higgs.

We already heard on the other result that still showed no sign of SUSY. That Standard Model is gripping us real tightly!


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cb said...

Just the Higgs? Ok but our first uncovered fundamental scalar particle anyway, and a light one for sure!
And nothing beyond? Well phenomenologically speaking it's true, but theoretically could it be not possible that such a tiny mass hide something else (another scalar field...) just like light neutrinos require Majorana (and not super-) partners?
"A rough road leads to the stars" so may be a hint of a solution lies in astroparticle physics?