Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scaled-Down LBNE

After the full-blown LBNE was rejected by US DOE, Fermilab's official submitted a scaled-down version of LBNE to full review.

Kim presented the new plan for the first stage of LBNE. The preferred option calls for building a new beam line at Fermilab to fire neutrinos 1300 kilometers through Earth to a particle detector on the surface at the abandoned Homestake gold mine in Lead, South Dakota. That detector would contain 10,000 tonnes of frigid liquid argon. (The original LBNE design called for a larger, 34,000-tonne detector buried 1480 meters deep in Homestake and a smaller "near detector" at Fermilab.)
Let's see if this thing will fly, AND, with the $135 million from international collaborators.


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