Monday, August 13, 2012

Quantum Teleporation Achieving Record Distances

If you missed these stories from last week, this link will give you a brief summary of them. Distances of 97 km and 143 km seem to have been achieved for qubits teleporation.

In the August 9 issue of Nature, a Chinese group reports achieving quantum teleportation across Qinghai Lake in China, a distance of 97 kilometers. (Scientific American is part of Nature Publishing Group.) That distance surpasses the previous record, set by a group that included several of the same researchers, of 16 kilometers.

But a more recent study seems to have pushed the bar even higher. In a paper posted May 17 to the physics preprint Web site, just eight days after the Chinese group announced their achievement on the same Web site, a European and Canadian group claims to have teleported information from one of the Canary Islands to another, 143 kilometers away. That paper has not been peer-reviewed but comes from a very reputable research group.
The reference for the Chinese paper cited above is

J. Yin et al., Nature v.488, p.185 (2012).


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