Monday, July 12, 2010

The Wonders of Physics

I mentioned this "show" before called "The Wonders of Physics" that had its beginnings in the Physics Dept. of the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I went to school (I won't say when!). This is a wonderful profile on Clint Sprott, the professor who had tirelessly started and continued to give presentation on this educational and entertaining show.

Clad in his signature tuxedo, J. Clint Sprott has a full house wowed with catchy visual demonstrations of waves, friction and Newton’s laws. In his show “The Wonders of Physics,” the University of Wisconsin–Madison professor emeritus of physics combines science and theatrics to show people how physics permeates everyday life.

If you get to see one of his shows, or catch the "road show", don't miss it. It will be thoroughly entertaining for the whole family.


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