Thursday, July 15, 2010

Accelerators for America's Future

A new report coming out of the US Dept. of Energy reveals the importance of research in particle accelerators that is the engine that drives many advances. This report comes out of the DOE sponsored workshop on the very topic that was held last year.

Its purpose was to elicit the views and opinions of a wide range of accelerator users on the challenges and opportunities for developing and deploying accelerators to meet national needs. Some 300 of them attended the one-day symposium and poster session. In the two-day workshop that followed, 120 users of accelerator technology, from small business owners to well-known researchers, formed five working groups in Energy and Environment, Industry, Medicine, National Security and Discovery Science. Their charge was to give us their perspective on needs, challenges and areas of greatest promise; and to provide guidance on bridging the gap between accelerator research and technology deployment.

This report should clearly show the applications of a particle accelerator beyond just high energy physics. This is in addition to the very informative brochure produced by the APS-Physics a while back.


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