Saturday, August 29, 2009

Physics Teachers Not up to Scratch

It appears that even in Australia, they have a problem of having teachers in high schools that have either a degree or an expertise in physics to teach the subject.

"At a time when there was lots of opportunities for young people in Australia or in engineering and in areas like that, what we're finding is that they're being turned off physics, for example, a prerequisite often to go onto a career in engineering," he said.

"The person that's teaching them might have some competence in science but just can't grab that 'aha' moment.


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Joseph Smidt said...

Yeah, there was an article, I believe in Science though I can't find it at the moment, that examined how few physics graduates go into teaching high school.

I can't quote accurate numbers since I can't find the article, but if I remember, something like only 20% of high school looking for a physics teacher that year actually hired someone with a degree in physics.

I will try to find the article you quote accurate numbers but I know for a fact it was appalling.