Sunday, August 16, 2009

Media Studies More Popular than Physics for A-Level Exams

Looks like things are definitely stirring up across the pond in the UK. First there were accusations that maybe the physics requirements and exams for the A-level might have been watered down considerably. Now, because of the "league tables", students are opting for "easier" subjects to take in the A-level exams, such as "Media Studies".

In 1997, only 3,000 students took media studies in state comprehensives, compared with more than 12,000 last year, according to figures published following a Parliamentary Question.

Over the last decade, the number of teenagers taking physics has fallen from 12,126 to 10,118. Numbers hit a low point in 2005, when only 9,916 took an A-level in the subject, although entries have recovered slightly.

So of course, there are top-tier universities that won't accept these "soft" subjects.



Suzanne said...

Don't worry. There are people around doing a career switch. Myself, almost 30, am planning to study physics in the near future (first have to do some physics and maths on pre-university education level).

felly said...

Of course.