Monday, September 01, 2008

Homeopathy Degree Suspended

I mentioned more than a year ago of a university in the United Kingdom that started to offer degrees in homeopathy, despite the fact that this is still considered as a pseudoscience. It now appears that the University of Central Lancashire has decided to end that program due to "... low recruitment levels..."

Whatever is the reason, this is an utter embarrassment for that university. If they were thinking that doing such a stunt would give their institution "publicity", they have succeeded. Only, I don't think this is the type of publicity that any institution wants, and certainly not any RESPECTABLE institution.


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Alejandro Rivero said...

as I told some time ago at Dorigo's, homeopathy is about being dirty and having a very dirty lab with unclean glassware. In this way you get random contamination of active components in your theoretically inactive products.