Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A B.Sc Degree in Homeopathy?

It seems that in the UK, you can actually get a degree in Homeopathy, a B.Sc degree no less. For something that is a scam at worst, and a pseudoscience at best, I am actually quite surprise that reputable institutions would actually grant such a thing. What were they thinking?

And then, there's this:

Finding out exactly what is taught in the courses is not straightforward. Ben Goldacre, a London-based medical doctor, journalist and frequent critic of homeopathy, says that several universities have refused to let him see their course materials. "I can't imagine what they're teaching," he says. "I can only imagine that they teach that it's OK to cherry-pick evidence. That's totally unacceptable."

Whenever they try to hide things (but still claim that this a scientific discipline), then you know that something is not kosher.

I hope US universities do not drop their standards that low to start offering such degrees. It was bad enough that Princeton once had a "paranormal" research center.



Afnan said...

how do you now homepathy is a scam if science has still not been able to find all of the subatomic particles of the atom. If you can claim that you do know all the subatomic particles of the atom, then you can say that homeopathy is a scam. However until the CERN particle accelerator finds more information about the atom and even after that, there will still be people who will practice homeopathy because it actually gives them tangible results. And if it is due to the placebo affect, and they actually can see PHYSICAL changes in their bodies, THEN EITHER WAY IT WORKS!

ZapperZ said...

This is a very silly comment.

What does not knowing "all the particles" have anything to do with homeopathy claim? Are you saying that some of these unknown particles are responsible for homeopath? Same them, and then show me exactly the mechanism that these particles causes all the claims made in homeopathy.

Besides, particle physics is WELL-KNOWN AND WELL-VERIFIED. This is very unlike homeopathy in which, even after all these years, are still struggling to prove that it exists and it is valid. This is not science.

And then, you made the silliest and weakest excuse of them all, that "it works" even if it is a placebo effect! In other words, it's OK to LIE at people by claiming that it isn't homeopathy, as long as they are fooled into thinking it works due to ANOTHER REASON!

No wonder there are people who continue to practice in homeopathy, because you guy are somehow able to rationalize such lie using the flimsiest excuse such as what you've said.