Saturday, November 03, 2007

Leonard Susskind Joins Perimeter Institute

Another big coup for the Perimeter Institute. Renowned theorist Leonard Susskind has joined its faculty.

They continue to attract well-known physicists over there. Nice job!



Stupac2 said...

Does this mean he's leaving Stanford? That would really suck for us, but he's been here for so long I really doubt it.

ZapperZ said...

Nope. From what I gathered, it won't be leaving Stanford.

These high-powered physicists can hold several appointments at the same time. :)


Kent Leung said...

...and I'm guessing several pay-checks at the same time too...

Chanda @ Disordered Cosmos said...

Actually, I don't think money is associated with these positions. Associates of Perimeter Institute have access to the facilities - as in they can have a desk and participate in the scientific life of the institute.

Anyway, most of our associates are people with faculty positions elsewhere whose research intersects with what is going on here.