Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another Bastardization of Quantum Mechanics

Again, as with previous cases, someone who barely understands QM is using it to justify some human "intuition" or feelings. This time, it is the bastardization of the principle of quantum entanglement.

Since the universe came into existence, these subatomic particles have been entangled and remain in contact in "no time." The implications are that, instead of being separate and apart from the universe, we are all linked in a cosmic dance with everything, everywhere, near and far. There is no separateness.

I know that from the moment of my birth, I have been entangled in the lives of others, everyone from the nurse in the hospital that fed me, to the old man who gave me directions to the Howard Johnson's in Savannah, to a small brown Moroccan man who brought me some mint tea, to the woman that gave me a son, to the friend who once punched me for being a jerk, to the manager at McDonald's who gave me a job, to the innocent boy who once drew me a picture with broken crayons, to the father and mother who gave me life itself, to the co-worker who bought me a Diet Pepsi when I was a nickel short, to the man who changed my oil, to the nun who scolded me for spitting on a classmate, to the woman who held my hand as I viewed the Mona Lisa, to the Chinese worker who put together the alarm clock in my bedroom, to the policeman who gave me a ticket for not wearing a seat belt, to the dying man who inspired me to run a marathon, to the stranger who smiled while passing me in the grocery store, to the lady who wanted a heater installed, to a Michigan Avenue stranger who needed a few dollars.

We are all irretrievably entangled in each other's lives. There is no separateness.

This ignores the fact that:

1. Entanglement isn't observable at the human scale of classical mechanics

2. Entanglement requires the preservation of COHERENCE between all the entangled entities. Once a measurement or interaction has been made, you lose that coherence and any resemblance of entanglement is long gone!

This person somehow didn't think through on what happened AFTER the measurement is made. Are those 2 photons still in existence? Are they still entangled? The answer is NO. The paper that I just highlighted before this blog entry shows that even an interaction with just ONE other particle is sufficient to destroy the single-particle coherence! It also means that since what we visually see at the classical scale have undergone many interactions with many degrees of freedom. They all have lost coherence and are no longer entangled with anything, and certainly NOT from the very beginning of the universe, thankyouverymuch!

When people bastardize physics like this, they're not doing physics any favor. This is because they have extended physics into the realm of mumbo jumbo that not only trivializes physics, but also its applicability. They have cheapened it with unverified claims and watered down its importance and relevance. When false claims like this continues to be made, eventually no one would believe such a thing anymore. Do the public then remembers who made such stupid claims in the first place, or do they remember and blame the science?


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