Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Battling The Flat-Earthers

A while ago, I read this article on battling those who believe that the Earth is flat but forgot to highlight it here. I won't say much more about it other than have you read it for yourself.

But one quote stood out with me, because it sums up not just the way it describes why flat-earthers believe in what they believe in, but also a reflection on the issues of vaccines, face masks, etc. that we have been facing with during this pandemic and these fake-news stupidity. The quote is attributed to Lee McIntyre of Boston University:

Flat-Earthers seem to have a very low standard of evidence for what they want to believe but an impossibly high standard of evidence for what they don’t want to believe.

Replace "Flat-Earthers" in the quote above with any of the conspiracy theory believers and you have the gist of why they believe in the crackpottery. 

But the question that I have is, has anyone ever mention THIS to the flat-earthers themselves? Are they self-aware that this is what they are doing?


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The other Larry said...

You cannot debate ignorance. I recall when Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ debated a fundamentalist preacher who runs a museum in Kentucky that displays dioramas showing humans walking with dinosaurs. Nye’s fans begged him not to go through with the debate but he did anyway. And of course the results were a forgone conclusion. The flat-earthers have no idea what science is or how the scientific methods works. There is no possibility of rational debate. They believe what they believe and NOTHING will convince them otherwise. Best to just let them alone.