Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What Is Dark Matter And Why Does It Matter?

First of all, let me explain something If you are not in an academic institution, or a research facility, etc., you may not know that for many of us, having regular, sometime weekly, colloquium or seminars is quite common. This is where we invite experts in various topics come to our institution or department and present a talk on a particular subject. I, myself, have given such seminars. This is how we learn about many things, often topics outside of our expertise or area of studies, and we learn about these things from authorities in these various fields. It is one of the unique privileges that we enjoy being in such an environment.

In other words, we do not learn about these topics from popular media, or even from 2nd or 3rd hand sources. And this usually takes time, i.e. it can't be done in short sound bites or in a few minutes.

I'm prefacing this video with such information because this is an example of a colloquium that we typically attend, and if you are not used to it, it may appear tedious to sit through an hour of such presentation. But there is usually no other way to learn about things, especially if you wish to learn about something beyond just a superficial level.

I've mentioned about dark matter many times on here, but here's another one. It is presented in a manner that even non-scientists may understand, even if you do not understand some of the intricate details.


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