Monday, February 26, 2018

Lawrence Krauss Hit By Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Oh dear. I knew it was going to happen that someone from within the physics community will be hit by such allegations (hey, we are all still human after all and not immune to doing such nasty actions). But it is still a bit surprising and disappointing when such allegations happens to someone whose writings I've enjoyed over the years.

I'm sure this will work through the legal system, and I'm not going to comment anymore than that. I think most, if not, all of us here in the US who work either in the academic settings or at a govt. lab had gone through training or classes on sexual harassment. In my case, I've had gone through several of these, including training on Title IX, etc.. etc.

This is an issue we all have to face, and we are now starting to see how pervasive it really is.


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