Thursday, January 14, 2016

Quantum Field Theory

So you want to know what "Quantum Field Theory" is? It is not going to be easy, I tell ya!


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Peter Morgan said...

Obviously this video is meant to be elementary, and it's really nice to see this kind of attempt to go beyond QM into QFT, but second quantization is still quantization, so even if one takes something like Art Hobson's approach seriously one still can't quite think in terms of an ordinary field: measurement incompatibility rears its head eventually. Even if one does, at minimum one has to mention that we work with probability measures over field configurations (as a marginal from a Wigner function over field configuration and momenta, say, loosely), not with ordinary deterministic classical fields. Perhaps the gloss over the difficulties of calculating anything for interacting QFT was a little too fast. Nice graphics and production as always, though.