Monday, February 23, 2015

Which Famous Physicist Should Be Depicted In The Movie Next?

Eddie Redmayne won the Oscar last night for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in the movie "The Theory of Everything". So this got me into thinking of which famous physicist should be portrayed next in a movie biography. Hollywood won't choose someone who isn't eccentric, famous, or in the news. So that rules out a lot.

I would think that Richard Feynman would make a rather compelling biographical movie. He certainly was a very complex person, and definitely not boring. They could give the movie a title of "Sure You Must Be Joking", or "Six Easy Pieces", or "Shut Up And Calculate", although the latter may not be entirely attributed to Feynman.

Hollywood, I'm available for consultation!


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physics4thecool said...

They tried in "Infinity":, though when I looked at Matthew Broderick, I only thought of "Beuller...Beuller!" They didn't focus too much on his physics background and contributions except for a reference to the Manhattan Project and his iconic bongos. I agree they should take another stab at it.