Saturday, August 02, 2014

The Title Doesn't Match The Content - Part 2

Here's another news article where the title really doesn't match the content. This one came from Huffington Post, and it was titled "The End of Accelerator Physics?"

When I first saw the title, I thought it was about funding issues, and that no one is going to fun larger and more expensive accelerators than the LHC. WRONG!

The article was focusing more on the advancement in particle physics, with very little on accelerator physics (really!). Again, as is common, people are confusing the field of accelerator physics with elementary particle physics and high energy physics! I've repeatedly emphasized on here on the fact that these two are very different field of studies, and the overwhelming majority (more than 95%) of particle accelerators in the world have NOTHING to do with particle physics at all!

I am well aware that this is almost a futile effort to educate the masses, but if just one of you reading this learn about it and educate yourself, and then maybe help to educate just one of your friends, then this will all have been worthwhile.


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