Thursday, June 06, 2013

Staging the Drama of Quantum Physics

This news report presents an account of the staging of the infamous battle between Bohr and Einstein that is forever linked to this history of quantum mechanics.

At the center of the drama was the rivalry and grudging friendship between Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr, two brilliant physicists who fell on opposite sides of the new debate that came to be known as quantum theory.

Did you attend this? If you did, I'd like to hear your view of this play.


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Unknown said...

It wasn't so much a play as an exceptionally slick presentation on the basic flow to our understanding of the quantum nature of our universe. Brian Greene laid out this historical progression systematically using many video animations to our modern acceptance of the quantum world. Interspersed were multiple occasions when one of the actors would step out on stage to reenact a quote from one of the major scientists involved in this historical account. (An image of the actual scientist would be projected behind them.) It was amazing, engaging, and educational. Couldn't have asked for more.