Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Antiproton's Magnetic Moment Upholds CPT Symmetry

An amazing new measurement of the antiproton's magnetic moment by the ATRAP collaboration has improved the accuracy of the measurement its magnetic moment by 3 orders of magnitude. The new measurement agrees with the proton's magnetic moment to within the experimental error, thus still upholding the CPT symmetry.

The ATRAP Collaboration enters the fray with their own test for CPT violation. They look for a difference in the magnetic moments of the proton and antiproton. To enable this test, they precisely measure the magnetic moment of a single, trapped antiproton, achieving the most sensitive measurement to date of this quantity. They compare their result to the known value of the proton’s magnetic moment and find that the magnitudes are equal within experimental uncertainty, as predicted by the CPT theorem. 

The link above gives you free access to the paper.

Still haven't found anything yet that clearly violates the CPT symmetry.



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