Wednesday, December 12, 2012

NASA T-Shirt

Yesterday, I posted my trip report to NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Of course, as a tourist, I had to buy something. While there were a few things I would like to get, this one t-shirt caught my eye, and it will probably confirmed to everyone what I nerd I am. Still, at least it is not one of those t-shirts that had Maxwell Equations on it that I have seen way too many times.

This is the front of the shirt.
Here's a closer look at the equations if it isn't clear from that picture:

It's too bad that they had to put all those "x" to indicate a product, which isn't what we normally do when writing such equations, and it also creates a bit of a mess.

Still, I found the t-shirt a bit amusing and had to buy it. I haven't worn it yet (it is winter up here in Chicagoland). The question is, can you identify what each of these equations mean or are supposed to represent?

The back of the shirt has a print of the answer, but I'll hold off in showing that till you had your fun! :)


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