Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Angry Birds Bumps With CERN

So I don't have any clue on what would be the outcome of such a "marriage". Still, it appears that Rovio, the makers of the wildly-popular Angry Birds (and Angry Pigs) games are teaming up with CERN to come up with some educational games.

Rovio told TechCrunch the collaboration will involve co-producing learning support materials with CERN — including, initially, books and a board game. More products will be added later, the company said. We’ve also reached out to CERN to ask for more details and will update with any response.

“Modern physics has been around for 100 years, but it’s still a mystery to many people. Working together with Rovio, we can teach kids quantum physics by making it fun and easy to understand,” said CERN’s Head of Education, Rolf Landua, speaking at the Frankfurt Book Fair where the Rovio launch took place.
 Er... ok. I am certainly curious to see what they come up with. Angry photons smashing into fat, lazy quarks?


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