Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Richard Muller And Global Warming

Richard Muller is back in the news.

I mentioned earlier the headline-making report on his turnabout on the issue of global warming. Now Yahoo News is featuring him and his effort in studying this effect.

Muller took matters into his own hands and embarked on his own investigation into the data with his daughter Elizabeth and a team of scientists two years ago. His Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project attracted funding from the Charles Koch Charitable Foundation, the nonprofit outfit of a wealthy businessman who denies that global warming is happening. Three years later, Muller ended up surprising himself when his research confirmed everything those same studies that drew his skepticism concluded, and then some. Muller says his study's results are more reliable than many previous ones because he intentionally avoided the data pitfalls he objected to, such as only using a portion of the global temperatures available.
I'd say this is almost as good as when Millikan, in all his skepticism of Einstein's theory of the Photoelectric effect, did the experiments and came out conclusively in favor of that theory.


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