Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The "Mysterious Bump" In Tevatron Data Could Be Big, If It Holds Up

OK, so the buzz around this mysterious bump in the data out of the Tevatron will be announced to the public today.

The results, if they hold up, could be a spectacular last hurrah for Fermilab’s Tevatron, once the world’s most powerful particle accelerator and now slated to go dark forever in September or earlier, whenever Fermilab runs out of money to operate it.

“Nobody knows what this is,” said Christopher Hill, a theorist at Fermilab who was not part of the team. “If it is real, it would be the most significant discovery in physics in half a century.”

It is way too soon to for something like this to have such profound impact and declarations. As stated in the news article, if it is real, the LHC would be able to spot this quite easily. So as exciting of a news this could be, we just need to step back a little bit, give it some time, and let the scientific process works itself out.


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