Thursday, April 07, 2011

Fermilab's "Big Bump" Announcement

So, did everyone get to digest the news from yesterday out of Fermilab? What do you think?

The paper on the Technicolor at the Tevatron can be found here.

Rumor has it that a result out of the ATLAS detector at the LHC making the rounds right now did not see such a bump. So stay tune! Things might be bumpy!



Jonathan Asaadi said...

Not to surprising that the first go around from Atlas and CMS wouldn't see it right away. Especially if this "anomaly" is created through S-channel production, thus being easier in p-pbar as opposed to p-p collisions.

No doubt this will be a "bumby" road ahead...but I withhold too much judgment until D0 announces their findings

Anonymous said...


the fact that something (like a Z', say) is produced in the s-channel does not mean that CMS and ATLAS will have trouble seeing it. In fact, the parton luminosities at the LHC are much higher than at the Tevatron, and the fact that the CM energy is higher makes it much easier to produce heavy states. The W and Z bosons, which are produced in the s-channel (more or less) have a much larger cross section at the LHC than at the Tevatron. This is also true for traditional heavy particles like the Z'.

The LHC experiments have other advantages, too, such as a significantly higher acceptance and better di-jet mass resolution.

The issue at the LHC is simply a relatively tiny integrated luminosity: 36 pb-1 vs 4 fb-1, which is a factor of 100.