Sunday, September 26, 2010

VOTE Most Attractive Male Physicist

OK, we had quite a bit of commotion and "fun" with our poll on the Most Attractive Female Physicist. Now comes the men. I hope that it will be as equally "offensive" to some people that we are simply objectifying these people for their looks and nothing else! :)

The nominees here were based on the names submitted during the nomination period by you. I've used the pictures from the links submitted, and in cases where there were no links, I tried to find pictures available off the web. As before, please contact me if any of the pictures are copyrighted and you want it removed.

Unlike the women's poll, the ethnic range of the nominees are rather limited. Oh well, this is what we get. So cast your vote, and don't stuff the ballot! It means that please try to cast your vote only ONCE even though there is no way for me to check.

Without further delay, here are the men, in no particular order!

1. Jacob Linder

2. Markus Aspelmeyer

3. Isaac Newton

4. Werner Heisenberg

5. Wernher von Braun

6. Richard Feynman

7. Jim Gimzewski

8. Jonas Braasch

9. Robert Oppenheimer

10 Paul Dirac

11. Brian Cox

12. Mark Jackson

13. Neil deGrasse Tyson

14. Hannes Alfven

15 Ard Louis

16 Henry Kendall

17 Zachary Keanne



Pi-Guy said...

I ain't gay, but if I were, it'd have to be Newton.

S.D said...

I like both Dirac and Feynman, but I vote for the former. He is the strangest ! It is good that Einstein is not here. Because he is an idol.

David said...

Once I saw Feynman was on the list, I couldn't believe this was something we were actually debating anymore.

borkbork said...

Well said, David. Feynman is certainly the hottest.

Unknown said...

And where are phone numbers posted?

Anna Vung said...

I agree, he is handsome in the picture above!

Abhishek Akkapalli said...

I'm sure Feynman could have made the #1. Einstein #2, in my opinion. Dirac #3. deGrasse Tyson, Cox and next others

Weiyan's Corner said...

All of them look nice. I'm happy to see Heisenberg and Feynman here.

Ananya said...

#6 Richard Feynman - too bad he was an insanely abusive human to his wife - and is no longer attractive to me as a person beyond his physics

So instead I pick:

#15 Ard Louis

Or go outside and pick Michio Kaku or Hans Bethe who didn't age too well unlike Enrico Fermi.

Alyanna W said...

Werner Heisenberg was charming and cute. You forgot Lawrence Bragg in the list. I saw his picture when he was 25 and he was so handsome and the youngest to have won the Nobel prize.

Unknown said...

I'm all for Linder, but Dirac gets my vote <3 :-)

Ad10935 said...

For me its oppenheimer
He is a revolutionary physicist and a cutie for me