Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quantum Physics and Winning Football Games?

Oy vey!

I was initially going to post this as another thread on the "Bastardization of Quantum Mechanics". But then again, the article didn't actually make a bastardization of it, but rather simply, and for no valid reason, mentioned that it is "quantum mechanics".

“Every year, each team has just as much chance to win every game as it does to lose every game,” Morris said. “It’s called quantum physics and the laws of chance and probability. Thirty-one other teams have already gone down in flames. But the Titans have a 50-50 chance each week to win, and those chances never improve beyond 50-50, because on any given Sunday, anyone can win. As long as you keep that in perspective, you have a chance to win every game.”

No, Mr. Sports Writer, it is JUST called "statistics and probability", NOT quantum mechanics, unless you think that "win and lose" actually is in a superposition of states, which would be absurd.

So far, I think that we have a very easy rule-of-thumb here. If there's any mention of quantum mechanics related to sports or sports figures, then there's a 100% probability that it will involve a lot of nonsensical application of physics. And yes, this is a Statistics and Probability issue.


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