Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quantum Teleportation Between "Distant" Matter Qubit

Nice experiment! Looks like the distance they can separate the entangled particles are getting longer.

The new experiment reported in the just released edition of Science[1] shows a new record for the distance between two entangled matter particle, this time between two Yb ions. The separation is about 1 meter, which, of course is significantly smaller than what has been achieved with entangled photons. However, with matter particle entanglement, one can eliminate the detection loophole that entanglement with photons has, but due to the small distances (it used to be, before this, the order of microns), the experiment can't eliminate the locality loophole. So this experiment is definitely an important step not only for the possibility that it opens up for quantum communication, but also in decisively eliminating all remaining loopholes in the Bell-type experiments.

You can read a review of this work at the SciAm website, or at Science Daily.


[1] S. Olmschenk et al., Science v.323, p.486 (2009).

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