Thursday, January 01, 2009

11 Questions for Obama’s Science Team

The New York Times has published a rather interesting set of questions aimed at the incoming US President's Science Team. They appear to be questions submitted by various people and covers a large swath of area in science and science education.

BTW, Happy New Year! I can only hope that this coming year will be better than last year, even with a challenging economy ahead of us.


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Super Science Fair Projects said...

Thank you for putting up the link to questions to Obama.

I too am concerned about the schools apathy to fostering science education, especially thru the vechile of science fair projects. And I find that HomeSchooling parents are on the same track. It just seems too much trouble for them to teach the 6 steps of the scientific method and how kids how to implement this process.

Science fair projects are a medaphor for life... conceiving of an idea, testing to see if it works, and adjusting your course of action depending upon your findings. And it certainly heightens awareness.

Unfortunately, science fairs have been promoted by big business and the only thing that seems to be important is the big money that the gifted children win. And who takes out patents and really benefits from these young minds... well of course, the companies!

All kids need to get recognized and rewarded for their efforts. Then the future generations become consciencious "green" users.