Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Physics of a Human Bottle Rocket

OK, don't even THINK of trying this at home.

This is just plain insane. As highlighted by, this Japanese video shows a projectile using water bottle rocket, which isn't unusual in itself. What is unusual is that the projectile is a person!

You can read the physics behind this insanity at the popsci website that I have linked to. All I can say is "Holy Flying Crap, Batman!"



Rhett said...

That is funny. I saw this some time ago and remember looking to see if it is fake. I couldn't find where I posted it (because it was on a server that no longer exists). I reposted my analysis here -


R said...

mm not sure if it is real.

This same experiment was done on Mythbusters and I don't remember exactly but I think they couldn't get it to work.

You can talk all you want about the physics involved in something like that from the theoretical point of view, but whether it is physically doable is a whole different story.

Anyways... cool video.